Limeri is a fast-growing European fashion brand that prides itself on the creation of a collection of luxurious and classic dresses and uniforms of the highest quality. With a nuanced eye for creativity, deep knowledge of Limeri ‘s unmatched assortment, and years of experience, we wish to create a collection of high-quality, classic, and sophisticated wears. Founded by designer Lirije Imeri, a self–taught fashion icon whose passion for design started in her teenage years. Limeri was officially launched in 2011 with a bridal collection which quickly became recognized for its elegance and impeccable designs. Limeri’s collection has a European flair combining the finest selection of fabrics, embroidery and fashion forwarding styling which are all handmade. In 2016 Limeri uniform Concept which specializes in the designing of classic and outstanding School Wear, Corporate Wear, and Safety Wear was birthed. Limeri utilizes the best raw materials and processes to create uniforms that wow customers around the world. We proudly maintain a culture of integrity and excellence, offering our clients peace of mind that our production processes and procedures are rigorous, effective, and dependable. Our products come in many different styles, colors, and fabrics, thus, there are always lots of great choices for our customers. At Limeri, we are passionate about making each of our clients look their best at all times. We are fully committed to working effectively and collaboratively with our clients to deliver perfect items which satisfy their creative ideas and style without exceeding their budget. Irrespective of your fashion style, Limeri gives you the assurance that you will find something fun, individual and special at a great price in our stores.



Limeri specializes in designing quality Uniforms on a global scale. We efficiently and effectively generate new product ideas and utilize the best raw materials in turning our ideas into reality, thus enabling us to create amazing uniforms which are of the highest quality. Our product ranges from School Wears to Corporate Wears, Sportwears and Safety Wears. Limeri designing process starts with an idea development. We conduct exclusive researches and develop quality uniforms for the global market. We design sketches and proceed to technical drawing /cad /visualization of product in 3d. Our industry fashion patterns procedure enables us to assure the best fit. We then proceed to sow the mock-up pattern before handling the sample uniform to our client for approval. At Limeri, we leverage our advanced lab equipment and testing system as well as our group of high-quality talents in research, producing and administrative department to deliver the best uniforms. We offer bespoke services which offer our clients the opportunity to create their own story, enabling them to have access to individualized and personalized uniforms. Our ethos is hinged on providing genuine and exceptional customer services which are flexible and equally interactive, giving our clients the opportunity to be part of the designing process. Limeri places utmost priority on quality at all times. We have an in-house quality control laboratory which is fully committed to ensuring the quality, consistency, and durability of our uniforms.




Limeri continuously strives to deliver every single product with excellence. Every aspect of our process is quality-driven, starting from the production of our uniforms to their sales and customer services, Limeri does not compromise on quality.



At Limeri, we are creative and highly innovative. We focus on investing in knowledge, quality, product development, and infrastructure. We will continue to strive to stay on top of our game and ahead of our competitors while leveraging the latest and trending technology in improving our products and procedures.



To offer our customers exceptional fashion and quality at an amazing price.


To become the number one provider of a desirable and rapidly changing mix of high-quality uniforms, both locally and internationally.